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It’s not about perfect

This is one of my favorite quotes of Jillian’s . She is so correct on this. There is no such thing as perfection. So get comfortable with trying your best is enough and change will happen.
Pic by Tamie cox from when I went to The IDEA conference where I attended a class held by her. The was about BOdy Shred a class that is taking gyms by storm. Contact me if you are a trainer and want to know how you can get certified in this amazing new high intensity class.

Check this paleo based recipes they look amazing and so easy to make

doubt fear worry

Don’t worry about the what ifs in your journeys. Instead focus on doing your best and trusting if you put the work in you will get results. Focus on the now and not the future or the past. Your journey will take time take it day by day and hour by hour. 10614141_10152189827582371_7278105057297346190_n

When creating a #healthy #lifestyle don’t call it a diet. Diet has become a negative word and short term goal. Becoming #healthy and getting your body quality foods needs to be a #lifestylechange. If you focus on calling it a lifestyle change in your mind and make #changes over time before you know it you will find that this isn’t a punishment but a #reward for you and your body for #loving #yourself enough to take #care of yourself.


Group X and personal trainers get certified in Jillian Michaels hot new group X class JILLIAN MICHAELS BODYSHRED its a 30 min high intensity and endurance based workout. Where you can shed fat, define muscles and transform your body.This class is awesome. Tell them Tamie Cox referred  when you sign up. SIGN UP NOW FOR A CLASS NEAR YOU! If you are going to the IDEA conference in Anaheim check and see if spots are still available to get certified while you are there.


I am working two jobs right now and one is personal training which can make it extremely difficult to get in my own workouts. Since I couldn’t workout before regular job because was with a client I walked at my lunch and got quick circuit in 2 rounds of 20 push-ups , 20 lunges, 15 chair dips. I used the space and furniture around me to do what I could.
So no excuses you may not be able to get a full on workout during your lunch but do what you can in the time you have. Something is better than nothing. Then hit the gym after work or workout at home after kids are in bed. #fititin #healthylifestyle #livingwhatipreach #fitness #exercise

On a weight-loss journey working on the outside doesn’t help the reason you got over weight in the first place.  There is always something behind the weight that got you to be being obese.  You must work through those internal issues or you will gain the weight back .  This is why so many people that lose weight gain it all back they refuse to work on the internal issues or just don’t know what to do.

You have to work through the emotional guilt,  pains and traumas that you are stuffing down with food. Also being over weight/obese affords you something or stops you from getting hurt again. It helps you hide from the world in a way.   If that is hard for you or don’t know to start seek out help from a therapist. But you have to find the right one for you.  Jillian Michaels newsletter Losing it with Jillian Michaels suggest these things for choosing the right therapist for you.

1. Seek out the right kind of therapist: example if you have a food addiction for someone that specializes in eating disorders or if you were sexual abused someone that specializes in that.

2. Check out the credentials of the therapist you are considering. Make sure they are licensed and have the training that is required for his or her degree and any additional requirement your state puts forth to become licensed.

3. Interview the therapist asking these questions:

–How long have they been in practice?

–What is his or hers area of expertise?

–What methods does he or she use to treat patients?

–What is the typical length of treatment?

–does he or she accept your type of insurance?

4.  Make sure you are comfortable and connect with the therapist:  If there isnt a connection or you do feel comfortable speaking freely to take with the therapist you will not be able to share you deepest darkest secrets with them you will not be able to do the work you need to do to more on to better things.

The hardest part of a weight-loss journey is the internally work that is necessary for lasting success.  If you don’t feel that you can do it on your own or needs help figuring out to start therapy my be what you need to live the life you dream and deserve. If money is a barrier to treatment please check out colleges that have a Therapist training programs they often offer free or highly discounted sessions to the public.   So remember to  do your research and make sure you feel comfortable with the therapist.  A new life awaits you.


If you need help with your nutrition and fitness contact me for more info on my customized programs.

Your eating round-up!

GMO seeds are coated in round up. You are ingesting poisons on a daily basis this is why we need non GMO seeds and organic crops. Are food is Killing us is slowly. Tell your government representatives to require GMO labeling. Spend your money on organic foods and foods labeled GMO free. Your health depends on it.

We need to detox our bodies daily to get these poisons out of our system. I have a program that is gentle and won’t have you running to the bathroom. Email me at to find out how you can greatly improve your health.


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